Visualizing Performance Data with Vampir

About Vampir

At ISC we will release Vampir 9.11, a maintenance release. At SC20 in November we released Vampir 9.10, which provided new performance charts, customizable performance metrics, extended grouping and filtering, and new support for sampling traces. Vampir is a framework for performance analysis, which enables developers to quickly study program behavior at a fine level of detail. Performance data obtained from a parallel program run can be analyzed with a collection of specialized performance views. Intuitive navigation and zooming are the key features of the tool, which help to quickly identify inefficient or faulty parts of a program code.

What's New in Vampir 9.10 and 9.11

  • Added new Collective Operation Summary chart
  • Added accelerator device idle statistics to the System Tree chart
  • Added support for dark mode on Windows and Linux
  • Added customization and export capabilities for function groups
  • Added option to group by source code location to Function Summary chart
  • VampirServer now available on ARM 64-bit platforms on request
  • and many more

Vampir in action

Introduction to Vampir

Analyzing Multilayer File I/O Applications

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Analyzing CUDA Applications

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Leveraging Attributes to Analyze File I/O Applications

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